10 February 2023 | Digital Marketing

Tips For Using AI In Your Marketing Strategy

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With AI and chatbots becoming more popular, it’s important to know how you can use them to benefit your content and not impact your existing content. Especially with AI content detectors becoming increasingly effective.

You don’t want your website and social media content to lose your character and tone of voice to the AI-generated content. We’ve created some helpful tips to ensure you’re using the new AI chatbots effectively for your business.

AI in Digital Marketing

Artificial intelligence has been in the digital space for a while, but awareness and interest increased dramatically when ChatGPT, a chatbot developed by OpenAI, had its initial release on November 30th 2022.

ChatGPT is one of many chatbots online, and is the one that dominated mainstream media from the day of its release. Everyone wanted to give it a try.

Those in the marketing space discovered that AI could do the research, generate ideas and be a content writer, and all within 30 seconds! Unheard of.

The time saved from using tools like ChatGPT meant that marketers could complete more for clients, get content on websites quicker, and move up Google’s rankings much faster.

Negatives of AI

However, the rise in AI usage comes with its downfalls.

Yes, chatbots can answer your questions, write great sentences and provide information at record speed. But they can’t tell you if the information they provide is correct, as seen with Google this week.

An advert was created for Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard, where the AI was asked for new discoveries from the James Webb Space Telescope to tell a 9-year-old. And the bot answered incorrectly!

Bard stated that the telescope took some of the first images of a planet outside of our own solar system, which many astronomers were quick to point out isn’t true. This public demonstration only highlighted that the chatbots aren’t 100% reliable.

Tip 1: Do Your Own Research

Google’s mistake shows that you need to know what you’re talking about. People who didn’t already know that the telescope wasn’t the first, would have taken it as factual.

But thanks to the scientists, we were informed of the truth as fast as they can comment a reply. If you’re an expert in your field, you’ll know which information is right and wrong.

Or if you’re not an expert, make sure you’re researching alongside an AI chatbot, to avoid the spread of misinformation. This could also reduce trust in your business online, if those reading your content knew it wasn’t correct.

Tip 2: Use AI For Idea Generation

A safe way to ensure you’re providing your audience with factual information is to use chatbots for the planning stages.

Ask the AI for blog ideas, landing page headlines or social media inspiration. It’ll give you a headstart for creating content for your platforms.

You’ll do your own research on top of these ideas, with guidance from AI, and then write a great piece in the tone of your business, without sounding like a bot.

Tip 3: Writing Short Texts

AI-generated content is more difficult to detect when it’s a short body of text. This is because a key pointer for spotting AI content is repetitive words and patterns in phrases, so with short texts there isn’t the opportunity for the repeats to occur.

You can use AI to write a definition of something, or a quick statement for a specific section of your website.

It’s a quick and easy method to fill in the gaps on pages with unique, un-plagarised text. Fact checking those definitions before publishing of course!

Tip 4: AI for Email

Emails aren’t ranked on Google and go straight to their inbox, so asking AI to craft your emails is a great idea. These are small aspects within your business, but emails also play a role in how your brand comes across.

Chatbots can help you figure out what you want to say, and what you don’t want to say, as well as writing your business emails with a more professional tone for your clients.

You can give as much detail as you like to the AI chatbot, and even ask for a specific tone to be used, before editing the email to perfection ready to send.

Tip 5: Humanise Your AI Content

The most important thing to remember when using AI to write your content is to make it sound like a human.

Whilst chatbots, such as ChatGPT, can write with perfect grammar, they don’t talk like people. People can write sentences in a way that reads right to their customers, but isn’t grammatically perfect.

Additionally, AI tends to write with similar sentence length throughout the text, and humans will write with varying lengths, in order to fit what you’re trying to say.

Be sure to go through any content written by AI and double check that it’s how YOU would say things, not just if it sounds good.

Final Advice for Using AI

There’s nothing wrong with using AI for your content and your business, but there is a method for effectively utilising an AI chatbot.

Refer back to this blog if you’re already using it, or just thinking about implementing AI content, to make sure you’re on top of your game in the marketing world.

Are you looking to begin a marketing strategy for your business? Or for an upgrade to your current strategies?

Get in touch with Chameleon. We’re up to date with the latest in marketing and experts of the industry. Contact us today!

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