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Attract your customers directly through their inbox.

Email marketing
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Choosing Chameleon for your email marketing is a strong move for your business. We'll help you to utilise your contact list and get in touch with your customer base with information about your company and about any offers you're running.

Create Effective Email Campaigns

Why choose Chameleon for your Email Marketing?

If you're looking for an email marketing strategy to help your business thrive, then the Chameleon team are the experts you're looking for.

Our Copywriting Skills

Our copywriters know how to write incredible, attention-grabbing emails.

How many emails do you receive daily that you never actually read? We'd guess a fair few. At Chameleon, we ensure that every email sent to your mailing list is full of current and relevant information, as we create read-worthy content for your subscriber's inbox.

Our Research Abilities

We'll conduct research to get the highest number of reads.

Creating interesting emails is the first battle, making sure the receiver clicks onto your email is the second one. There's going to be ideal times to send to your mailing list, as well as figuring out what types of preview text will make your contacts open your email.

Our copywriting skills

Our research capabilities

Utilise Your Contacts

Email marketing is continuously growing.

Even though social media is seemingly taking over, this doesn't mean email marketing is any less important. Whilst different channels are best for different audiences, not all of your audience is on every channel. But EVERYONE has an email.

Email newsletter
Email Marketing Contact List

Collect Conversions

Build your email list with valuable contacts.

Use your campaigns to collect emails and build your mailing list, through social media posts & ads, website pop-ups, and 'sign up to our mailing list' deals. All of your other marketing methods can feed into your email marketing strategy.

Intrigue Your Subscribers

Create content to charm your mailing list.

You can offer exclusive discounts, early access to collections or sales, and reveal new products to your email subscribers. Continue to entice your mailing list with deals and exclusivity, so they'll never want to think about unsubscribing.

Email newsletter
Email newsletter 2

Share Your News

A regular newsletter updates your clients.

Having a newsletter is a terrific way to share with your clientele what you've been up to and how your latest news could impact them. Especially if you have announcements that will benefit past services or products they've purchased.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course it does! Email has never stopped growing, despite the social media boom over recent years. Sending emails to your mailing list is often more successful than targeted ads,  as your contacts have already signed up for what you sell! It can be incredibly cost-effective to put effort into your mailing list.

Email marketing is much more personal to your customers, it helps you to connect with previous customers and entice them back to your website, services and products. This is an affordable way to increase your sales, by keeping them up to date on the latest deals and products your business is currently offering. 

Before sending emails out you have to make sure that you have permission from the person for them to receive marketing emails. You may be tempted to buy a mailing list to get started, but this isn’t legal and it’ll benefit you more in the long run to target your customers specifically to build your mailing list. 

A simple way to start your email marketing is a newsletter, introduce it through your other marketing channels and encourage people to sign up by teasing what they’ll receive from doing so, such as ‘10% off their first order’. But don’t worry if you’re struggling because that’s precisely what Chameleon is here for!

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