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Enhance your business through branding & other graphic elements.

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Chameleon's team of graphic designers are bursting with talent and ideas for your business. With endless creativity, we can create you everything from a simple logo to a full brand package.

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Why choose Chameleon for your Graphic Design?

Chameleon is the obvious choice when it comes to Graphic Design, as our high standards and amazing quality of work has meant we've become one of the leading companies in Birmingham and the West Midlands area.

Our Skills

Our skills and experience has scultped our unique abilities to create.

Working in the industry for many years means we have been developing our graphic design skills through providing creative designs for a wide variety of clients. For each new client, we listen and absorb what you're looking for to develop your designs with you and your business at the forefront.

Our Eye For Design

We choose every individual aspect of your designs carefully.

Everything that Chameleon creates is made for our clients with our  graphic design experts ensuring that it's perfect. We have an eye for knowing what looks good, and, more importantly, what doesn't. We will always be willing to impart our advice, whilst also listening to you and your needs.

Our Passion

We love being creative and making our clients happy with our work.

Having your graphic design work created by people who love it, is always going to be much better than someone hold the same passion as Chameleon. We care about our work to the point we won't be  complete until we're 100% happy with it, and we're certain that you'd be happy with our work too.

Years of Experience

An Eye For Design

Passion For Design

Website Graphics

Icons, images & impressive backgrounds.

We can create graphics for your website to make your business stand out with unique design aspects. Whether it's small icons, or an entire background of a page.

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Digital advertising

Developing your company's digital look.

Our graphic designers will create designs for your different channels, whether it's ads, banners or infographics. We can also create stunning images for your email marketing strategies.

Social Media Content

Make your social media match your website.

Have a consistent online presence by having graphics and content created for your social media, with all aspects blending together. Find out more about our social media services here.

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Brochure Design Example


Designing physical media for you.

If you need any physical products made, such as brochures, pamphlets, etc, we can create designs specifically for your business. Anything we create will be on-brand and perfectly themed.

Established in 2001

Energise your business with Chameleon

Neuromarketing Impacts Marketing Decisions

Our incredible team of web designers, developers and digital marketing specialists thrive on our client's success and is why we are one of the leading brand names in the industry and have been around since 2001. We love being able to provide a client with a website design that they love as much as we do seeing more leads and sales come through.

Your success is our success!

Frequently Asked Questions

Graphic design would be a massive asset to your business, the look and layout of your information and advertisements is what draws potential customers in. It’s important to keep updating your graphics to keep up with modern times and your business growth.

It’s a digital first impression to your potential clients. Incredible graphic design makes people want to stay on the website, you don’t want to stay on a website that looks bad, as it is often hard to navigate and can appear untrustworthy. 

It entirely depends on what you’re looking for. Whether you’re after a minimalist style or more complex designs, we'll have a chat about what you're after and decide on a budget with you. Generally, our branding packages start from £150 for a simple logo and can go upwards of a few thousand depending on the amount of material that needs to be created.

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