Digital Marketing Consultant

What is your role at Chameleon?

Digital Marketing Consultant / Wind up Merchant

What made you want to be a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Apparently, you can’t get paid for people-watching in coffee shops, so I had to think of a sensible career option….

I had always been interested in marketing and the creativity that comes with it. I had previously worked in a niche sector, specialising in the ‘learn to swim’ industry, but with me always being pulled to teach swimming, I knew I had to break away to work in a sole marketing role, where I could focus on evolving my career around people who have the same common ground.

Why Chameleon?

If anyone supports Villa, I’m sold! With Ian being a Villa fan, I signed my soul to the company and the rest is history – I’m still waiting on my match of the day tickets though…UTV!

Jokes aside, I loved the vibe of Chameleon and the fact that I didn’t feel intimidated by management or the team. I didn’t want to work somewhere where I couldn’t be myself. I’ve been fully supported since day 1 and the company is full of talented, passionate people who genuinely care about the work they do for each client.

What does a typical day look like for you?

I get to the gym for 6am, pretend I know what I’m doing for the duration of my workout, and then get myself ready to come to work… After winning medal 1 of the day, I open up the doors of Chameleon where I scrub, dust, polish, and, clean all the dishes ready for the team to come in…. they don’t see this, but I’ve surely earnt medal 2 before 8am? 😉

Once work starts, I check emails and start my day with what I’ve planned for clients. My day finishes at 4, so depending on what tasks I’ve managed to tick off, I will plan my next day before I leave the office.

What’s your favourite thing to do in your spare time?

I love adventure! Could be a random day out with no real plan, and a backpack full of food. Or a day with my favourite people – normally grabbing good coffee/food.

My motto – adventure before dementia! Life’s for living, have some fun 😊

Something no one knows about you…

Nice try…. These things aren’t known for a reason 😉