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Drone Photography and Filming Company

CAA Licensed
We are CAA Licensed Drone Operators

Drone Filming & Photography
Drone Filming & Photography Services

Filming In Up To 4K
We use the latest technology filming in up to 4K.

Aerial Surveys
The high quality Aerial Surveys.

Licensed Up To 400FT
We are licensed to FLY up to 400FT

Film Creation Services
We can product a high end film for you business.

Chameleon is one of the leading companies in the UK providing filming and photography and we have been involved in media for business’s since 2005 and we have been leading the way when it comes to Technology providing everything from high end corporate videos to 360 virtual tours.

Drones was the next step for us and we moved into this field to add to our already comprehensive list of services offered.

We have been creating cinematic 4K films for companies using the latest full 360° 3-axis drones with cameras using gyro-stabilisation.

We have the ability for the Pilot / Cameraman to view the footage via the downlink showing the real-time video and images being taken from the air which give us full control of the filming angles and framing.

Our clients include production companies and companies looking to create corporate promotional videos or property developers. We have also been involved in sports events and festivals making films for brands to use as promotion videos.

Manor Houses, Country & Stately Homes
Aerial Photographs and Filming

Race Track Aerial Filming
Race Track Filming Services

Agriculture Aerial Filming
Agriculture work Aerial Filming and Photography

Golf Course Aerial Photography & Filming
Golf Course Aerial Photography & Filming services

Power Station
Power Station Aerial Photographs and Filming

Stadium Aerial Photography And Filming
Football, Cricket and Tennis Stadium Aerial Photography and Filming

Wedding Aerial Photographs And Filming
Wedding Aerial Photographs and Filming services

Property Development
Property Development Aerial Photographs and Filming services

Every drone job we work is unique and there many factors that can increase or decrease the costs. We quote jobs on an individual basis once we understand the requirements of the job itself.

To provide a rough costing our guide prices are as follows:-

Aerial Photography – From £595 + VAT

Aerial Filming – From £795 + VAT

Travel expenses for UK jobs are charged at 45p per mile outside of Birmingham. If we require accommodation then this would be pre-arrange with and agreed beforehand using affordable hotels to cut costs.

Booking & Deposit
Working in the UK can cause us problems due to the weather and we will do everything we can to accommodate bookings working with clients being as flexible as we possibly can.

Safety & Regualtions
Due to the nature of these job it is important that we ensure that the job can be undertaken safely due to the fact that we must adhere to the rules & regulations that are associated with aerial filming and the operating licence we hold.

Once we have committed to doing a job we ask that the booking is secured with a 30% deposit of the total cost which is to be paid in advance.

Cancellations and Weather
Our aerial filming services are effected by the weather and if we are unable to shoot due to rain or high winds then we will make arrangements for the shoot to happen at another time and we will put this job as top priority in our scheduling system.

If a job is cancelled due to other circumstances and not re-scheduled due to the client the deposit will not be refunded unless by a pre-agreement has been made due to nature of the costs we incur investigating jobs and purchasing special equipment for specific jobs.

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