01 December 2022 | Digital Marketing

Why Is Marketing Important?

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Marketing is crucial for businesses to survive and thrive, because it helps your business to promote your products and services, reach new customers, and increase sales. Without marketing, it can be difficult for people to learn about your business and what you have to offer. There’s no point having an incredible business if no one can discover you.

Having a marketing strategy will also help your business with building your brand and establishing your reputation, which means you can easily connect with your target audience. A strong brand can help to differentiate you from your competitors, and make it easier for customers to choose your business over others.

Different Types of Marketing

There are many different methods to market a business, and deciding on which would be the best for your business can be a tricky decision.

The ideal thing to base your marketing strategy off is your target audience, as they’re who you want to be advertising to. Where are my potential customers likely to find me? How do they spend their free time?

For example, if you’re selling clothes to a younger audience, they spend their free time on their phone, and they’re likely to find the clothes they want to buy on social media, and from the influencers they follow. So a social media & influencer marketing strategy would be a great choice.

Another example, if your business provides bathroom installations, your audience is going to be homeowners, likely to be older generations with more disposable income to have their bathroom renovated. This audience is more likely to look for this service on Google, meaning a SEO strategy with Google Ads would be a perfect solution.

Case Study: Lounge Underwear

Lounge Underwear is a popular brand that initially started with selling underwear, but expanded into selling swimwear and loungewear as well.

The founders of Lounge, husband and wife, Daniel and Melanie Marsden, actually created their brand in a different way, their marketing strategy came before the product. They came up with their social media strategy and the idea to get influencers to create content with their products first.

With this strategy in mind, the creation of their underwear brand was a no brainer, these posts get the most attention on social media, and influencers love to receive gifted products from brands like Lounge. The perfect combination of a business and a marketing strategy.

The Importance Of Marketing Is Obvious

Marketing was so important to the creation of Lounge, that the founders actually designed a business around a strategy.

This showcases the need for effective marketing for all businesses, and if you’re struggling to figure out your perfect strategy, there’s no need. That’s what amazing marketing agencies like Chameleon are here for.

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