18 May 2023 | Digital Marketing, SEO

The Truth About SEO

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In the digital world we live in, everyone knows something about SEO. It plays such a huge part in how search engines, like Google, use website information. This helps us find the websites with the information that we are looking for as quickly as possible. The algorithms are constantly changing to ensure the most relevant websites are found within the search results.

However, web developers are creating websites for businesses with a lack of SEO understanding. Meaning the information is not presented to the search engines in a way that allows a website to achieve its full potential.

This is where SEO consultants and digital marketing specialists come in to improve the way that data is presented and maintain websites to conform to the latest search engine algorithms.

What is SEO? 

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, it means to improve your website content to ensure the search engine algorithm understands it and in return push your website up the rankings.

There’s the technical SEO aspects, which includes optimising for speed, indexing, and fixing crawler issues. And there’s the content SEO improvements, which is using researched keywords for landing pages, optimising meta descriptions and titles, headings, alt text and updating the website with fresh content.

Experts use SEO knowledge to create website content that search engines like Google’s can understand ensuring the conforms to the requirements of the latest algorithm, which also helps improve the Internet itself making the topic content clear, easy to read and the website page loads quickly (for the best user experience).

How much do SEO companies charge?

Shopping around for the best price isn’t the most important factor to consider with SEO. You need to ensure that the SEO company you choose is legitimate, and has the skills to upgrade your website, in the SEO industry there are many fly by night companies taking advantage of business owners. No SEO company can control what changes search engines make and hide behind this fact.

Some agencies will give you an incredibly low price and make HUGE promises. At Chameleon, we’re realistic. We won’t tell you that you’ll be at the top of page 1 tomorrow for any keyword, because we know that’s not true. We’ll explain the issues with the website and how we are going to achieve success. Also what the competitors are doing to succeed, educating business owners and preventing them from falling into any SEO issues.

SEO takes time and investment, and it is vital to keep business owners in the loop. Our tracking system reviews everything daily and reports back the facts, not the fiction. Our amazing team takes pride in keeping ALL our clients happy and satisfied. Read our success stories here.

Chameleon has been around since 2001, which is the internet’s early days and has adapted with the times to keep our services updated and relevant. We’re a company with 20+ years of experience with creating successful websites for businesses. We are achieving SEO results in the top 3 in some of the most difficult business sectors.

Is it worth paying an SEO company?

YES. They’re the experts and you get to focus on your business. You don’t need to learn a new skill to increase the visibility of your website. Having internal staff carry out SEO is not always the best option. Non-experts are never going to be able to understand the latest algorithm updates quick enough to maintain positions in search engines. However, as an agency, we have visibility of many clients and test sites. We can quickly identify the changes needed to be in the top 3 positions.

SEO is our expertise and your business is your expertise. Outsourcing your marketing is a logical step for any business and the investment will pay off if you use a reliable company. 

It’s key part of business growth when you’re looking to expand your business. SEO has to be in your strategy for your long-term success, your competitors will be doing this for sure!

Does SEO pay off?

With a talented SEO agency… ALWAYS. An experienced SEO consultant knows all the tips and tricks in the book to boost your website to page 1 of the search results. 

There will always be the discovery phase, where digital marketers will be figuring out what works best for your business. It may be a slow start with SEO, but a gradual climb up the rankings is what gives you the lasting results. 

Don’t be expecting to see an instant return on investment. But give a talented seo agency just 3 to 6 months and your website will see results. If you need instant traction you can use Google Ads for example, which most agencies will also provide as a service.

How much should I pay for SEO in the UK?

You get what you pay for. If the cost sounds too good to be true, it more than likely is. Don’t trust an SEO company that promises the earth for a minimal budget. These companies will also not rank in the search engines themselves. And remember, if an agency is found through Google Ads, not organic SEO then they simply cannot achieve results for themselves. So how are they going to achieve results for your business?

You could pay anywhere between £300 a month to £30,000 a month on an SEO strategy. It all depends on the business sector being operated in and this will dictate the required budget to achieve visibility to correct audience. ROI is key. For example, if a company operates achieving sales of £250,000 a month from online sales, then the SEO budget could be £10,000 a month. SEO will be vital to achieve this sales growth in the first place and then maintain the search engine positions for the future.

SEO services carried out correctly can only bring more business, sales and leads.

Most businesses won’t be forking out £30k a month for marketing. But it’s important to find the balance between what you can afford and what you’re hoping to achieve through SEO. So don’t worry if you’re only able to spend £300 a month. Every hour spent on SEO services is growing your business.

Chameleon is a cost-effective agency, and our clientele are businesses of all sizes. As a result we have various packages to suit the different budgets of our clients with one end goal. Achieve ROI and doing this as quick as possible, following the allowed tactics and never cheating to achieve short term wins and then long term issues.

How much does SEO cost per hour UK?

Hiring an SEO consultant / expert in an SEO company can be anywhere between £50 and £150 per hour. But the quality of the work you’re paying for doesn’t always reflect in the cost. 

Any hours spent on your SEO strategy would be beneficial for your website. However, sometimes it’s better to invest more upfront to reap the benefits of SEO quicker.

Many SEO companies have set packages that they offer. To tailor their services for smaller and larger businesses. Also to have a minimum number of hours required for their SEO services. This is because there’s a minimum monthly amount of time needed to make an impact on a client’s website ranking.

Chameleon is the SEO Company For You

Chameleon has experience working with businesses in all sectors and our knowledge covers a wide range of specialist industries. No matter what your specialty is, we’ve got the skills for optimising your website SEO and have a proven track record of success.

Whether you have no knowledge of SEO or you are an experienced marketing person, Chameleon is the SEO company for you. So why not ask us to audit your business and see what we find? Discover how we can achieve success for your business.

Check out how our SEO services work here, or you can easily get in touch with us to find out more!

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