09 January 2023 | Digital Marketing, Social Media

Predicted Social Media Trends For 2023


Social media is constantly changing and evolving, which makes it almost impossible to try and keep up with everything. But we can definitely try.

Social media is no longer just how people interact with their friends and family, it’s also how they interact with their favourite celebrities and businesses.  

Throughout 2023, we can expect to see more more personalized content tailored to individual user interests, increased use of interactive content like polls, quizzes, and surveys, more influencer marketing, and artificial intelligence and machine learning being used for more sophisticated data analysis.

We’ve compiled a list of some predicted trends on social media for 2023 and how they’ll impact businesses that use social media platforms.

Social Media Is Customer Service

Customer service phone numbers or chatbots are becoming increasingly unpopular, especially amongst younger generations, who are often the people brands want to target. Social media has created another, simpler method for people to ask a business for help and advice.

As Generation Z continues to grow up through the age of social media, there’ll be a pattern of brands following the demands of their new consumers. Social media helps to fulfil these demands, as it allows businesses to quickly respond to customer inquiries and build relationships with their customers.

Looking into 2023, we’ll be seeing more businesses putting a focus into supporting their customers through their social media channels. Including building on their presence and reaching out to the various platforms available to use.

Sustainability on Social Media

The expectations of consumers is the number-one thing that forces a business to move with the times. Many businesses have been using the same terminology to promote their products and services on social media, including ‘green’ and ‘sustainability’. 

Consumers are fed up hearing the same buzzwords and want to start seeing real change. Brands will start showing their customers the steps they’re taking for the environment, instead of simply throwing the words into their social media content. 

This won’t only improve their digital presence, but boost sales due to customers trusting the brand and choosing to purchase from a business with aligning moral values to themselves.

The Increase of AI-Recommended Content

With the TikTok ‘For You’ page being the app’s most popular feature, other social media platforms are beginning to look into increasing the number of AI-recommended content through the user’s main feed.

Meta has already been talking about their plans to introduce this to their platforms in the future, so Facebook users will be seeing recommended content amongst the posts from their friends and family. They may also be separating the AI recommended content from the friends content, so users can catch up with those they want to and then move to scrolling through content & posts the algorithm recommends.

However, it’s also important to consider the potential implications this type of content can have on our digital lives. It’s no secret that AI-recommended content has the potential to influence our opinions, values, and even behaviour. In light of this, it’s important to be mindful and intentional when engaging with AI-recommended content. We must consider the implications of what we’re viewing and ask ourselves if it aligns with our own values.

Social Media & It’s Influencers

When the first ‘influencers’ became popular, they were just normal people who were posting about their life and happened to be relatable, funny, interesting, or all of these and more. It was genuine people and content that was the most popular and engaging. 

Then, there was a shift on social media to people posting their best selves, most interesting moments, and not showing the negative or boring side of life. The influencers that users followed lived their dream life and were the aspiration. 

However, now we’re seeing authenticity becoming more popular again. People want to engage with people who are relatable and show their real life, not only the instagrammable moments. Some big brands are already partnering with the authentic influencers, for example, Footasylum working with GK Barry from TikTok, but we’ll see more businesses working with these types of influencers.

Additionally, it’s important for businesses to consider whether the influencer’s values align with the company’s mission and values. Working with influencers can be a great way to increase brand awareness and credibility, if the right influencers are chosen.

The Future Of Twitter?

Twitter had always been a great platform for businesses to utilise. Companies can use it to promote their products, share news and updates, engage with customers, and even provide customer service.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have noticed Twitter has been bought by Elon Musk, who has made some questionable decisions regarding the platform. Many businesses seem to be rethinking their social media strategies that involve Twitter.

Without any improvement in 2023, it’s likely we’ll see brands reducing or eliminating their ad spend on Twitter, and possibly removing their presence on the platform altogether.

However, this could be something for businesses to learn from, because the businesses who rely on Twitter will suffer, and it highlights the importance of creating a social media presence and an engaging audience in multiple places, eg. using Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, or building a mailing list alongside your social media.

Social Media Management At Chameleon

The social media experts at Chameleon can assist your business with your social media strategy and keep updated with the latest trends in the industry.

Get in touch with Chameleon today to begin or boost your social media presence.

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