17 March 2023 | Web Design

How To Create Mobile Optimised Websites

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Making sure your website is mobile optimised is more important than ever. As most website users in 2023 are using their mobile phones to search.

At Chameleon, we ensure every single website we create is mobile optimised. We would never make a site live without checking it works on every device, with desktop, tablet and phone. 

The web developers have a number of things they do when mobile optimising their websites, here’s a few items from their checklist.

Check The Website Speed Is Mobile Optimised

This is the number one frustrating factor on websites. With the advancement of technology, users expect to get what they’re looking for immediately. 

If your website is taking more than a few seconds to load, they’ll find the information they need somewhere else. 

This can lead to high bounce rates on your website, which isn’t good for the SEO of your website or the position of your website on Google. 

Mobile Optimised Website Speed
Mobile Optimised Website Speed #separator_sa #site_title

Resizing The Images For Mobile

Images and videos on your website shouldn’t be too large for mobile, as they can take a long time to load. 

Make sure to compress your images and use smaller file sizes to optimise your website for mobile, as this will reduce the loading time of the website. 

This is standard practice for the web designers at Chameleon, as they’ve seen this issue with previous websites and now implement this on all new websites before it becomes a problem for our clients.

Resizing Images for Mobile Optimisation #separator_sa #site_title

Create A Responsive Website Layout

A responsive website design will mould to the device that it’s loaded on. So your website will look aesthetically pleasing on every screen size, from desktop through to mobile. 

An example would be where your website jumps from a two column design on a large screen, to a single column design on a mobile phone.

This can also mean that a website with a responsive design has the same loading time across all screen sizes, so your website speed stays up to a high standard.

Responsive Website Layout for Mobile Optimised Website
Responsive Website Layout #separator_sa #site_title

Don’t Put Links Too Close

Ensure all links on a website page are spaced out on mobile design. It’s much easier to click on the exact link when using a computer mouse. 

We’ve all had it happen to us. You’re trying to click on something on your phone, or a tablet, and it just KEEPS opening the wrong link! 

This can be extremely irritating to users on your website, and they may just click off your website altogether. So make sure to leave enough space between links for clumsy thumbs to have easy access!

Mobile Optimisation For Websites With Links
Mobile Optimisation With Links #separator_sa #site_title

Add Mobile Optimised Navigation

The use of white space and decluttering your design is essential to a clean-looking and effective mobile optimised website. 

Make it easy for your user to view everything at a glance. Keep things organised to make sure they only get shown the necessary information at each point.

Update the menu to include drop downs, instead of super long lists of options. Also, using the hamburger menu to replace the header, as this saves space on your website pages and lets your user access the menu when they choose to. 

Mobile Optimised Navigation on Website
Mobile Optimised Navigation #separator_sa #site_title

Test Your Website On Mobile

And the final KEY point is to actively check your website on different mobile devices, ie. both Android and iOS. 

Test that the user experience is just as good as your desktop website design. And don’t forget to check tablet screen size!

Testing Websites on Mobile
Testing Websites on Mobile #separator_sa #site_title

Contact Chameleon For A Mobile Optimised Website 

The Chameleon team of web developers are experts in creating a fully mobile optimised website for our clients. 
If your website isn’t up to scratch, then get in contact with us for a FREE audit of your site and find out how we can help your business.

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