03 February 2023 | Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media

Bill Gates Said In 1996 ‘Content Is King’


In 1996, Bill Gates wrote an infamous essay for the Microsoft website called ‘Content Is King’, and whilst the meaning of content has evolved since then, Gates wasn’t wrong in his predictions. 

Content is the main focus of any business with a digital platform, including blog posts, social media posts, and a website’s home page being carefully crafted to attract the search engine’s algorithm. There are even job roles that exist purely for this purpose, including a Content Creator, a Content Strategist, and a Website Content Writer, to name just a few.

Content Is Still King

An accurate and amazing point from the article is “No company is too small to participate”. This is what is brilliant about the digital world, is that anyone can create high-quality content and begin to rank on google, or reach lots of people on social media. All that’s needed is great content that’s engaging, good quality and targeting the right audience.

This statement is becoming more and more true, especially with the rise of TikTok in recent years. Most social media platforms tend to benefit the accounts with more followers, however the algorithm on TikTok pushes the videos which get the most engagement, meaning it’s high-quality content that has been created. 

TikTok’s algorithm has even led to other social media platforms incorporating this style of content generation, eg. Instagram Reels, and Facebook announcing they’ll be including more recommended content in the feed, rather than just content from friends.

How Businesses Use Content 

The purpose of creating content will vary from business to business, it depends on what they’re trying to achieve through that content. 

A landing page is a form of content, it’s a specialised website page, which can’t be found on the website itself, but can be found on Google’s search results page. This is how websites can target specific keywords through SEO research and knowledge on writing the content. 

Another type of content is what you see on social media, this is what most people tend to think of. Content on social media is the image for a post, the caption, videos for TikTok and Instagram Reels, and even the design and text for paid ads.

How Chameleon Can Help You With Your Content

At Chameleon, our team of incredible creatives know how to utilise content for your business. We can help you to determine your goals as a business, and create content to achieve these goals.

Our SEO experts and social media managers will be able to take care of content for your website, alongside your social media, often linking the two together to widen your reach and gain customers through multiple streams.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to begin your business growth with the perfect marketing strategy for you. 

Feel free to call us 0121 663 0456, email us hello@chameleon.co.uk or reach out using our contact form.

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