24 November 2022 | Digital Marketing, SEO

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs SEO

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Search Engine Optimisation, better known in the digital marketing world as SEO, is the process of strengthening your website and increasing the website traffic through search engines. 

SEO is an organic method for improving traffic to your website by raising your rank on the search results page. This can be extremely beneficial for your business, as well as being cost-effective as it only takes some investment of time, or in an extraordinary digital marketing agency (*cough* Chameleon *cough*).

If you’re still not convinced, then here are 5 reasons why your business needs SEO.

SEO Elevates Your Brand Visibility

Ensuring that your business can be found online is more essential than ever. As researching online before a purchase, is becoming a major part of the consumer journey. 

Investing time into SEO is an ideal strategy for any brand, because it will help your business’s website to appear as near to the top of the search results page as you can get. When the rank is higher, the visibility of your brand will increase, and therefore improve the traffic to your website.

Increasing brand visibility online and strengthening your business’s digital presence with SEO, will assist with digital purchases, as well as drive people to visit and purchase in-store!

Gain High Quality Website Traffic Through SEO

In terms of effective marketing, nothing can beat targeting the people who are searching specifically for what your business offers! 

SEO isn’t just about the quantity of people, but about the quality of the people who view your website. It’s important to spend the time on choosing to target the right keywords. Not only will your website be seen by more people, it’ll also receive higher quality traffic. 

This is because choosing the more general keywords will increase the number of people seeing your website. However, the more precise keywords will make sure the increased number of people are relevant to your business.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Conversions are people who arrive on your website and complete an action you desire them to, for example, purchase a product, complete a contact form, or sign up to the newsletter.

SEO helps to target the people who are searching for what your business provides, meaning they’ll more likely to become a conversion as they’re already interested in buying that product. Using SEO effectively can lead to a higher conversion rate and therefore more sales for your business. 

The conversion may not always show through the website. It’s extremely common for consumers to research online before making a purchase in-store. Making SEO important for sales, whether the conversion is obvious on your website or not.

SEO Can Help You Outrank Your Competitors

We can promise one thing… all your top competitors are using SEO, so you need to be making the effort too! 

Your lack of a digital presence may be the reason your competitors are getting your potential clients. Or if you’ve previously reached a high rank on the search page, and stopped putting effort into your website’s SEO. 

The SEO strategy for your website must be an ongoing process, and is often a long-term investment in order to outrank your competitors. Most consumers don’t scroll further than page 1 on Google. You need to be using SEO to be on it!

Utilise The Organic Search

Maximising your SEO is essentially targeting your potential customers in an extremely cost-effective way. Whether you’re investing in external SEO help, or managing it yourself, your business will benefit from an effective SEO strategy. 

Majority of a website’s traffic comes from organic search. This is because users seem to prefer clicking on the organic links on the search results page, over the paid ads. 

When the pandemic hit many businesses couldn’t invest in paid marketing. This meant that SEO was a great choice to continue targeting customers and boosting their business. The best thing about using SEO for your organic traffic is that it continues to work, whether your paid strategy is being implemented or not.

Call Chameleon For Your SEO Strategy

If we haven’t already convinced you that SEO is worth it, then don’t hesitate to contact us or give us a call. We work alongside your team and work with you to create the perfect marketing strategy for your business.

Find out how we can improve your business with SEO today.

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