24 March 2023 | Web Design, WordPress

10 Tips To Improve Your WordPress Website

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WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) on the internet, used for millions of websites across the globe. There’s a reason why so many people choose to create a WordPress website, whether it’s a personal blog or a large eCommerce website.

With WordPress, you can create a website without having to write a single line of code. Creating a website is one thing, but making it an effective, high-performing website is another. 

We’ve put together a list of 10 tips to improve your WordPress website!

Tip 1: Use a fast and reliable WordPress hosting provider

Nobody likes slow websites, your website users expect it to load within a few seconds. The performance of your website is directly linked to the hosting provider you choose. 

A slow and unreliable hosting provider can lead to your website having slow page load times and frequent downtime. At Chameleon, we can help you with choosing a hosting provider that offers fast loading times, reliable uptime, and excellent customer support. 

Tip 2: Use a mobile-responsive theme

More than half of all website traffic comes from people on mobile phones. This makes it crucial to make your website mobile-friendly. 

There are WordPress themes that are designed to be mobile-responsive, meaning it will adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions automatically. But, it’s important to check your WordPress website on mobiles and tablets, to make sure it looks good, and loads fast.

Tip 3: Install a WordPress caching plugin

A caching plugin can improve the performance of your WordPress website by storing static versions of your web pages. 

This means that when a visitor returns to your website, they can access the pages much faster as they don’t have to be regenerated from scratch. 

This significantly reduces the time it takes for your website to load, which will  improve the user experience and your position in search engine rankings. 

Tip 4: Optimise your images

Large image files can slow your website’s loading time, so it’s important to optimise them and upload smaller files. 

Or you can install an image compression plugin to reduce the size of your images, without sacrificing the quality of the image. Optimised images enable your WordPress website load quickly for an improved user experience.

Tip 5: Use a CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) can improve the speed of your website by delivering content from servers that are geographically closer to the visitor. 

A CDN will mean your website users can access your site faster, no matter where they are in the world, giving your remote and international customers a much better user experience.

Tip 6: Install an SEO plugin

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential for getting your website to rank higher in Google’s results pages. 

With SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, it’ll scan your content and recommend changes based on how Google ranks website pages. This will help you to optimise your website’s content and metadata for search engines.

Tip 7: Insert social media plugins

Your social media helps with driving traffic to your website, so it’s important to make it easy for visitors to share your content through installing social media plugins. 

This connects your website to different social media platforms, and allows your website users to share your content easily. Contributing to your brand awareness and the number of potential customers discovering your website.

Tip 8: Make use of analytics tools

With analytics tools, like Google Analytics, you can track your website’s performance, which includes page views, bounce rates, and user behaviour. 

By tracking these metrics, you’re able to identify areas where you can improve your website’s performance and the user experience. For example, if you notice that many visitors are leaving your website after viewing just one page, you may need to improve your website’s navigation. 

Tip 9: Implement a contact form plugin

A high-quality contact form plugin creates a simple and effective contact form that visitors can use to reach out to you.

You’re able to customise the form fields to collect only the relevant information. Ensure that you keep convenience in mind, as people are less likely to fill out a contact form if it’s difficult or a lengthy process.

Tip 10: Keep your WordPress website updated

WordPress and its plugins are frequently updated to fix bugs, add features, and improve security. This means you also need to keep your website updated.

Regularly updating your website will also help with its performance, and ensures that it remains secure, fast, and reliable.

Contact the Chameleon Web team for your WordPress website

These 10 tips will help you to boost your WordPress website, inevitably improving the success of your business.

Don’t want to worry about all this? Get in touch with Chameleon for your website! 

We can get you started with our web designers, and keep you going with our maintenance packages and SEO services.

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