16 January 2023 | Branding, Chameleon Updates, Web Design

NEW Branding & Website for Chameleon

Chameleon Website Launch

As you may have noticed if you’re one of our clients or a frequent reader of our blog, we’ve changed things around a little on our website. Here’s a little bit about what we’ve done!

The logo

Our old logo was certainly looking dated. Gone are the days of cluttered logos with loads of information and in are simplified, refined logos.

The Old Chameleon Logo

We wanted to keep the heritage of the Chameleon brand strong. We regularly get the “ooo we saw your logo on [insert location here]” and we didn’t want to lose that. So we instead decided to do what we called the Chameleon Logo Cleanup. We removed the excess information, aligned the logo in a more familiar format and create a few simple variations for different use cases.

The New Chameleon Logo For The New Website

We wanted to support this simplification with a new colour scheme and supporting brand elements.

Brand elements

Although we kept the main logo font the same has it has been historically, we updated the font we used on everything else to give a fresh, refined and unique look. We also introduced a new colour. Our Chameleon Green stayed the same, but we added in a few secondary colours to help bring our designs together in a more cohesive manner. The blue we chose was a kind of Marine Blue; a blue with a hint of green to tie the background nicely into the vivid green of our main Chameleon symbol. We added in a lighter version of this colour for our upcoming patterns and other secondary background, and a light version for use alongside white.

New Brand Guidelines For Chameleon Web

A main part of our rebranding was the use of patterns. We didn’t want to use too many solid colours in our new branding, and repeating iconography seemed like a brilliant idea to subtly show what we do in the background of various sections.

New Branding For Chameleon Marketing

Using the same colours and spacing between elements meant that we could create different variations for different sections of our pages and other elements.

The website

The website was a vital part of our rebrand. The hub of all of our information, and the source of hundreds of our leads, the website required a lot of care and attention to get right. Our old site has been brilliant. Honestly, we hadn’t touched the design for over half a decade as it still brought in too much business for us to even be able to handle. But we knew the potential it had. We already ranked number 1 for so many keywords, that we knew the thing holding us back now was the conversion rate from having an outdated design. So it was time for a change!

The Old Chameleon Website Design

The new site needed to take all of our brilliant content and turn into something magnificent! We brainstormed ideas and designs for months on end without coming to any conclusions. After a few concepts, we hit the jackpot! Something just clicked and the new Chameleon started to come together. A combination of simple but effective layouts using the new colours and patterns, and subtle animations and scroll effects created the foundation for a highly converting, professional Web Design Agency website.

The Brand New Chameleon Website Design

Fully mobile responsive, the new website design created a platform for us to be informative to prospective new clients, new team members and anyone looking for a bit of information on various subjects within our industry. We created service specific artwork for each of our areas of expertise and got to work rewriting some of our pillar content.

The final outcome was everything we wanted! A great colour scheme that really accentuated the existing colour scheme and a modern design with a great balance of simplicity and functionality.

The New Chameleon Website Design


We’re now heading in to the new year feeling fresher than ever, and we’re ready to take on even more new clients. Our incredible team have pulled together to create an amazing new era for Chameleon. We have a streamlined brand, a website that displays our knowledge and capabilities, and a talented bunch of designers, web developers, SEO specialists, PPC experts, social media managers and an inspiring leadership team that will be taking Chameleon to new heights in the next few months.

If you’re looking for a new website, digital marketing or anything else in the online space, get in touch with us today to start working with the best Web Design & Digital Marketing Agency in Birmingham.

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