Editorial Advertising

Increase your brand awareness and educate your readers.

The Chameleon team of content writers know how to produce written content for whatever your needs are. No matter what you're looking for, including editorials, we can provide our high quality services for your business.

What is Editorial Advertising?

Editorial Content

To entertain, inform & engage your audience.

Choosing to have editorial content for your business is a great idea, especially when there's a core purpose to be shared. It's not only about trying to sell your products, editorial content is for educating people and sharing your brand's personality with your consumers.

Maximise Your Brand

Position yourself amongst the experts.

By releasing editorials within your industry and giving an opinion on trending topics, not only are you amongst experts in your field, you’re positioning yourself as one of them. This means your potential customers will know more about you and increase their trust in the services you provide.

Subtle Advertising

Promote your product without intrusive ads.

Editorials are a method of advertising without it being obvious to the consumer. It’s likely that they may not be looking to buy in the moment that they’re reading your editorial content, however they’ll hopefully think of your business when they do need your products or services.

Publishing Editorials

Valuable knowledge for your target audience.

Learning about your products and services is the first step towards getting a customer, and choosing editorial has much higher credibility & reliability than most advertising methods due to not paying to have it published, other than paying for an agency to write it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Editorial advertising is a more subtle way of telling your customers about your product/service. This type of content tends to lean towards describing the benefits they’ll receive and dropping hints that your company can provide all of this.

People who read editorial advertising won’t always know they’re being advertised to, this means potential customers are more likely to come to your business after seeing the editorial because they trust it.

Editorial content can be used in many different channels, such as newspapers, magazines, online news sites, or blogs, it entirely depends on where your consumers and target audience are. There would be no point in publishing in a newspaper, if your target audience is more likely to be reading digital blogs.

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