Digital PR

Establishing a strong reputation & effective digital presence.

Being in the industry for as long as we have, our contacts and relationships have been built over many years and there’s no better choice than Chameleon for your Digital PR strategy, as an individual, a small business or a large organisation.

What does PR involve?

Writing Press Releases

Share news through local channels.

We can get you in the news online, locally, nationally, and globally improving the look of your business to any potential customers. Sharing positive stories about you can only increase your digital presence, reflect positively on those you already work with and the relationships you have.

Celebrity PR Management

Digital skills to keep your image clean.

What comes up when you search your name on Google? If you’re even slightly unhappy with it, then leave it with Chameleon. Using our SEOContent Writing, and Social Media Management skills, we’ll make sure Google’s page 1 is credible for your organisation.

Organic PR Growth

Cost-friendly, efficient PR marketing.

Making the most of organic methods means there’s no additional costs for you. We can research your industry and discover how you can get involved with your audience, to become more well-known and be the first thought if a person requires what you offer.

The Right Messaging

Ensuring your website says what you want.

If potential customers find you through external sources, they'll eventually come through to your website. Managing your Digital PR, so your website makes you seem like the company they've seen in the media, creates a streamlined online presence and a trustworthy feel to your audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital PR is the process of developing an online presence, especially creating a positive look, on social media, in news outlets, etc. The strategy generally includes increasing brand awareness and becoming more well-known within your target audience.

Every customer, or potential customer, that discovers your business will search you online. They’ll check whether you’ve been in the news lately, what your social media looks like; choosing a brand that aligns with their personal values is more important to consumers than it ever has been.

Your online presence is there whether you like it or not. You can either let it run wild and create stories, or take control and start managing it BEFORE there’s an issue. There’s no need to wait for something to go wrong, eg. go viral for the wrong reasons, so begin with your strategy.

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