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SEO Training Course


Why not use our Search Engine Optimisation Consultant’s to grow your knowledge!

SEO Training Course’s provided by Chameleon Web Services will not only grow your business knowledge for online success but also during the course our Search Engine Optimisation Consultant will assist you in fixing your website and identify problems.

Our customers who have provided feedback following the SEO course have said that going forward everything on the website seems easier and they understand how to make their website SEO friendly.

The SEO training that Chameleon offer will put your staff ahead of your competition which will make everything they do online worth so much more. They are now able to choose the most worthwhile actual money making keywords and can identify and fine tune pages to achieve success for these keywords. Chameleon guide you to understanding what the key elements are that make up the SEO score on your website and will point you in the right direction to SEO success.

Search Engine Optimisation Training

Chameleon Web Services SEO Consultants have helped company’s struggling to achieve Google results to become very strong using in house staff that have basic IT knowledge. The training courses are designed to assist and grow your staff to a level where they do not make the silly mistakes we often see when taking on an SEO campaign. These courses go hand in hand with an SEO Company working on your site.

We have also found that many company’s who have taken part in a Chameleon SEO Training Day have soon realised that the SEO company they are working with are not adding benefit and this has saved thousands of pounds a year.

Also knowledge is power and currently an SEO company can inform you about on going search engine optimisation even if it is not actively happening. Some SEO consultants play on a companies lack of knowledge as they are aware that SEO is a specialised industry.

Who will these SEO courses benefit? Anyone with an online business, thinking of taking on an SEO company or looking to do in-house SEO.

Why use Chameleon? Chameleon is one of the UK’s leading SEO companies and we are holding top positions in most sectors for our clients.

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