KeePass is our number 1 choice of password safe software


KeePass Password Software
Chameleon Web Services have been using KeePass software for the last five years to keep our passwords and clients passwords safe and secure. As we run an Internet marketing business carrying out SEO for clients and have the login and FTP details of a large number of clients’ websites, social media accounts and website backends meaning that we need to remember more passwords than most.

KeePass is an invaluable tool for Chameleon keeping all passwords secure, away from prying eyes and hackers, so that we do not need to attempt to commit them all to memory or use basic passwords that are easy to recall.

One of the most important factors of storing all passwords in one piece of software is trust in the reliability and stability of the software and this is one of the number factors that has kept us using KeePass.

KeePass is our number 1 choice of password safe software

KeePass is our number 1 choice of password safe software as the features that it offers, coupled with the fact that it is a FREE open source application, give us complete satisfaction and peace of mind.

Some of its features that we find particularly helpful include:

  • Random Password Generation – KeePass provide you with strong, mixed character passwords which are near impossible for humans and hacking software alike to guess or work out. This means that all of your information will be safe and secure.
  • As all of your access passwords to your information will be on the KeePass system, it must be secure; therefore it supports the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and uses the Twofish algorithm to encrypt the password databases. Rather than simply encrypting the password fields of the database, the KeePass software encrypts the whole database, so even your usernames, business names and notes etc. are protected.
  • When you have KeePass open the passwords remain encrypted, meaning that even if the data is cached by your operating system, the information it stores will be unreadable as it remains encrypted.
  • The system is very easy to use, and has a tree formulation to group your passwords accordingly, using subcategories where necessary.

We have used a range of password management tools in the past, however none of them compare to KeePass in our view for many reasons both technical and useability.

What sets KeePass apart from the competition is the fact that it is a FREE open source application. This allows the user to install plugins and tweak the software to meet you own requirements – if the vast array of features that the application has as standard is not satisfactory.

KeePass competitors including LastPass, RoboForm and 1Password offer a range of free packages, from basic functionality to a 30 day free trial. However, what they all have in common is that you will be expected to pay to receive the full range of services which contrasts to KeePass’ free open source policy. Why pay for a service that you can receive for free?
In our opinion, KeePass is by far the best password safe software in terms of value for money and the features that it offers; we do not hesitate to recommend it to other companies.

Download KeePass 2.53.

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