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Award Winning Director Ian Bevis Explains His Passion

Ian Bevos Company Director

Lets Start With The Why

In today's digital age (2023), having a strong online presence is crucial for any business looking to succeed. As a result, the digital marketing sector has exploded, with countless agencies and consultants offering their services to businesses large and small.

Unfortunately, not all of these digital marketing professionals are created equal. Some are simply out to make a quick buck, taking advantage of business owners who are eager to boost their online visibility. They may promise results, but they often fail to deliver, leaving their clients frustrated and disillusioned.

But there are also those who are passionate about being different in the digital marketing sector. They are committed to breaking the mould and offering clients a better, more effective way to improve their online presence.

These digital marketing professionals understand that it takes more than just flashy ads and social media posts to succeed in the digital world. They know that it requires a deep understanding of the target audience, a comprehensive strategy, and a willingness to adapt and evolve as the online landscape changes and this is the WHY for CHAMELEON.

As the Director of Chameleon, working hard is all that Ian Bevis knows. Previously, whilst employed by BMW for over a decade and a half (with no sick days!) his passion, hard work, and drive caused Ian to push to achieve the maximum in every role he was in. Over achieving became the norm, even at an early age, and eventually this ambition resulted in Ian Bevis leaving the Bluechip industry behind to focus on forging his own destiny.

Chameleon was established in 2001 with one goal, to be big enough to cope yet small enough to care and in 2023 this has been achieved.

What Makes Chameleon Different?

What sets passionate professionals apart is their dedication to their clients' success. At Chameleon we don't just take clients' money and disappear. We work tirelessly to understand clients' goals and needs, and then tailor services to meet those needs.

This kind of dedication at Chameleon is what has led to huge client success stories in the digital marketing sector. Clients who have worked with Chameleon's passionate team of digital marketing professionals have seen a significant increase in their online visibility, leading to increased traffic, more leads, and ultimately, more sales. All this has been steered by the drive to achieve more in a sustainable way.

Perhaps most importantly, Ian Bevis' own personal qualities of due care and compassion have influenced his approach to clients, being both transparent and honest. His insistence on how vital these values are has exponentially helped the growth of the company and the Chameleon team in understanding this importance. At Chameleon, we don't make promises we can't keep, and we are always upfront about what our services can and cannot achieve for a client's business, and the result of this is intrinsic client trust.

The key to Chameleon's success has been our desire to be a genuine, authentic digital marketing provider that cares more about the success of our clients over our own economical profit.

When you work with Chameleon, we guarantee that we can provide you with a team of professional digital marketers who are ready to meet any challenge. Our clients are confident in the knowledge that they are receiving the best possible service alongside a premium ROI.

Our passion and determination to stand out from our competitors has been a major contributor to the large number of success stories that we receive from our clients. This is a testament to the dedication of our team and showcases the power of a passion to stand out and be different.

Chameleon Web Services Success Team

What Drives Ian Bevis?

If you pardon the pun, Porsche is the driver for Ian Bevis, with the brand being a large part of Ian's drive and focus for success from and early age. From childhood, Ian had an obsession with the Porsche 911 which rapidly became a catalyst to achieving great success in life. At the young age of 14, Ian started his first job and saved his wages in a pot known as 'My Porsche Pot'. Ian's aim was to achieve the dream of owning a Porsche 911 at some point in his life. This desire was the kick start Ian needed, launching his first IT business building computers for family and friends. This expanded to businesses in time, with Ian continuing to learn every required skill to understand the individual elements of IT, from hardware and software to networking.

IT became a big part of Ian's life with him completing a technical mechanical and electrical apprenticeship. Following this, Ian's knowledge and understanding of cars as a highly-skilled engineer helped him to understand how well a Porsche was built.

Ian's passion for IT continued to grow, leading him towards the Internet later in his career. 

Porsche is a brand that is synonymous with luxury, performance, and success. For many people, owning a Porsche is not a status symbol, but a symbol of hard work and dedication to achieving their goals.

The Porsche brand can be a powerful motivator to inspire people to work harder and strive for greater things.

The passion that Ian has for Porsche and success in business has led him to achieving the success of Chameleon today.  

It cannot be denying that Porsche is a powerful global brand with a rich company history in engineering and racing success. These achievements have created a mystique around the brand that, for many, can be hard to resist. Owning a Porsche can be about more than the ownership of a nice car; for many it can be about owning a piece of the this history and becoming a part of the Porsche legacy. 

Porsche's reputation is built on quality and performance, creating cars that are both fast and luxurious, with a well handled driving experience for all. But there is more to the Porsche brand than just quality and performance. 

Porche's success is also rooted in a culture of hard work, commitment, and dedication to excellence. From the earliest days of the company, Porsche has been committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in automotive engineering, achieving great success worldwide.

The culture of excellence that has given the brand popularity among businesses, entrepreneurs, and executives alike is the driving force behind the brand and its personality. For Ian, owning a Porsche is a symbol of his hard work and dedication to achieving goals. 

For business-focused individuals, owning a Porsche is not just about having a nice car, it's about having a tangible representation of success. It's a way to show the world that you have worked hard, taken risks, and been dedicated to achieving your goals.

For Ian Bevis, Chameleon needs to follow what Porsche represents, becoming a powerful symbol of hard work and dedication to excellence for all. The business journey that follows on from this success is inclusive of the team at Chameleon, including Director Ian Bevis, as all are striving for greatness. 

Porsche 356
From Incredible Beginnings To Exceptional Progress - The Cause of Ian Bevis's Passion Is Clear
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