Ebay is an example of
success online from nothing.

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Ebay is proof that things can happen. From an idea which couldn’t work really without users it has grown to be a part of most people shopping.

In October 2016 according to SEM Rush www.ebay.co.uk is achieving 3.5 million keywords in organic search results.

The most important factor here is that the largest search volume of all the keywords is the branding “ebay” with 24,900,000 monthly searches alone.

If we compare this to Argos which gets 16,600,000 searches and to make an ever bigger impression Ebay ranks 3rd in Google for Argos.

Major Brand Search Volumes Compared With Ebay


Ebay has impressive online SEO statistics…

Ebay has managed to achieve this with SEO and Marketing and the coding of Ebay is impressive. We also love the fact they have fun and an example on www.ebay.co.uk you will find in the coding:-

88 88 88 ,adPPYba, 88,dPPYba, ,adPPYYba, 8b d8 a8P_____88 88P' "8a "" `Y8 `8b d8' 8PP""""""" 88 d8 ,adPPPPP88 `8b d8' "8b, ,aa 88b, ,a8" 88, ,88 `8b,d8' `"Ybbd8"' 8Y"Ybbd8"' `"8bbdP"Y8 Y88' d8' d8' Now hiring @ http://jobs.ebaycareers.com/ Want to help build the home page? http://www.ebaynyc.com/jobs

This code displays when you look at the source code:-


www.Ebayco.uk has made many changes over the years

Ebay has made many changes to www.ebay.co.uk over the years and the most noticeable changes are things like the category menu position. The menu has been moved from the sidebar and to the top which has probably been as a result of website width’s on desktops becoming larger making it easier to achieve a good look and functionality.


eBay Headquarters

2025 Hamilton Avenue
San Jose, California 95125