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celebrity marketing

Specialising in working with Celebrities the Chameleon team have been providing the perfect service establishing and maintaining relationships delivering success and helping grow the opportunities that become available.

Celebrity Appearances
Connecting celebrities and brands.

Performance Capturing
Capturing performances and sharing digitally to add value.

Endorsement Campaigns
Identify and secure celebrity endorsements that are worthy and relevant.

Social Media Campaigns
Manage social media for the best positive effects.

Managing The Celebrity Engagement
Identifying the best arena’s to get involved in for maximum exposure.

Organic Marketing Campaign
Taking control and maximising the internet.

Organic Online Marketing

Celebrity growth can come from organic marketing and this has proven to be one of the most cost effective and efficient marketing tools available.

We have been working as a search engine optimisation company since 2005 and this is one of the main reasons for success. Running a successful organic marketing campaign you have to know what is taking place online and understand the ways to tap into the online conversations. Using our in-house developed tools we are able to identify  currently active topics and provide solutions to get involved in a positive way.

This promotes in the best possible way and pushes the celebrity or brand to the correct conversation arenas.

Celebrity Online Defence Management

We provide a private service for celebrity marketing acting as the main agency growth within branding, media and marketing.

What happens when a client or prospective agency Google’s your name?

Do you like the results when a client or prospective agency Google’s your name?. We focus on ensuring that the page one results of Google are all credible and add more websites to appear on page one as required moving potential problem websites to page 2 of Google minimising the problem.

Bad results and negative websites can be damaging to a brand and as a celebrity you are your own brand. This is were our services come in and Celebrity SEO services ensure you are in control.

Our Online Celebrity Marketing Agency services include:-

  • Celebrity Website
  • Custom Website Design
  • Branding Design and Logo’s
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content writing services
  • Blog writing and syndication
  • Press release writing and syndication
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Defence Management
  • Micro-Sites
celebrity marketing

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