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Project Overview

Motor Market Limited Group, owned by brothers Dean and Adam Bridge, is a group of successful Used Car Dealerships based in Cradley Heath. Having been in business for over 35 years, their accomplishments have spawned three dealerships across the West Midlands which all make up the Motor Market Limited Group, which include Motor Market, Black Country Car Finance, and Click and Collect Cars: Each one an important client here at Chameleon.

Having joined Chameleon back in May 2018, they have benefited from our knowledge and expertise for almost 5 years and have seen their companies go from strength to strength with the help of our SEO and Marketing services.

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SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Management

Finding success as a local used car dealership wasn’t enough for the team at Motor Market Limited Group. They wanted to continue to grow and push themselves above their competitors. But with a great website, a loyal customer base, and a well-known dealership in the community, what else could they do? The only answer… use Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads and Social Media to push them even further!

The Original Brief

When they first came to Chameleon, they had one aspect of their businesses they felt made them stand out from their competitors which they wanted to push. Finance for people who have bad credit or who get turned away elsewhere. The problem though? They didn’t know how to do this.

We had a solution for them however, and it was in the form of SEO, Google Ads and Social Media Management. The brief was simple. We would write landing pages and blogs for them to push their services and finance options in Google and to get them ranking for their core services. We partnered this with creating campaigns for them in Google Ads and created social media content to push their offers.

Content Created Over The Years

They wanted to gain traction from further afield and be known as a leading used car dealership not only in Cradley Heath and the surrounding areas but eventually throughout the West Midlands and the whole of the UK. For all three businesses, we have consistently produced content with the keyword focus on used car dealerships and deals for bad credit.

Our specialised service has helped them grow significantly in the years they have been with us, with their dealerships ranking number 1 and 2 for car dealerships in Cradley Heath, Wolverhampton, Walsall, Dudley, Black Country, and Sandwell.

Where Does The Motor Market Limited Group Stand In 2023?

To say SEO has been beneficial for Motor Market Limited Group’s three dealerships is an understatement. Since joining us in 2018, we have taken their dealerships from strength to strength simply with our Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing expertise. For Motor Market alone, we have been able to get 80 keywords to rank on the first page of Google, which is as a result of landing pages, blogs, and on-page SEO.

They remain a solid and commended client here at Chameleon, and we will continue to provide the highest levels of marketing services to aid their business.

Platforms & plugins we used:

Since joining Chameleon, they have seen a


increase in conversion rate for Motor Market


targeted keywords in the top 10 in Google search results for Black Country Car Finance


more Click & Collect Cars users since onboarding in 2021

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