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Project Overview

When they first came to us for SEO for their website, it lacked any eCommerce features. We strongly recommended a redesign that would enable them to sell their goods. They followed our advice, and they haven’t looked back since! In addition to having simple online purchases, their showroom is now always busy.

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Product Page

A modernised logo to match the modern-style bedroom furniture they sell.

Hush gave us full-reign when it came to their new branding. They had one request in their brief: modern and simple. We chose a new colour that matched the calmness of the bedroom environment and created a simple, memorable mark. The website then followed this new, luxury and contemporary style.

Modern new website.
Elegant new look.

We built the new website for Hush Bedrooms, a bedroom furniture company, with the goal of creating a high-end, luxury look and feel. To achieve this, we focused on creating a clean and minimal design with a neutral colour palette, featuring a lot of white space and plenty of images that showcase the furniture in a high-end setting.

We used large, high-resolution images of the furniture, styled in beautiful and carefully curated bedroom settings, to create a sense of luxury and elegance. We also used a high-quality, easy-to-use navigation, with dropdown menus and filter options that allow users to easily find and explore the furniture they are interested in.

We also paid close attention to the typography, using a modern and elegant font that would appeal to the target market, and ensuring that the text is easy to read on all devices. Additionally, we implemented a responsive design so the website could be easily viewed on all devices, including mobile and tablet.

Choose from a variety of options with our bed configurator.

The product page on the Hush Bedrooms website allows users to fully customize and configure their bed to suit their individual needs and preferences. The product page features a detailed product description, as well as multiple images of the bed, allowing users to see the bed from all angles.

Overall, the product page on the Hush Bedrooms website provides users with a comprehensive and user-friendly experience, allowing them to configure their bed in a variety of ways, and to easily visualise the final product.

The new Hush Bedrooms website creates a luxurious experience for the user.

In summary, the redesign of Hush Bedrooms website has been successful in creating a high-end, luxurious online experience for customers. The website’s clean design, easy-to-use navigation, and interactive product page options allow customers to fully customise and visualise their dream bed. Overall, the website effectively showcases the company’s high-end bedroom furniture and appeals to the target market.

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New online revenue stream + more showroom visitors.


more showroom visits in first month


increase in sales of bedroom furniture


more fitted wardrobe enquiries

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